These Shoes Are Among The Sneaker Trends For 2021

We know which shoes will be included in the “trend sneakers” file in 2021. Here you can find out which sneakers you should wear for a walk through the New Year … Well, who’s made a list of New Year’s resolutions? We have given ours a lot of thought this time, after all it didn’t really work out with those from last year. Instead of losing weight, regular workouts and diets are now at the top of the to-do list, being happy, showing other people how much we love them and , last but not least, putting more effort into our outfit – whether we are at home Office sit or not. And the best thing to do is to upgrade your look with cool shoes .

Also, we could use as much as we are walking on lunch break as well as a new couple .Sure, we also love to cheat a little bigger every now and then. Even so , sneakers are still the most comfortable choice for our feet. The trend models for 2021, which we are now introducing to you , prove that there is the right design for everyone !

High top sneakers

Watch out Chucks fans ! You can get your old kicks out of the closet again, because high top sneakers are now being traded particularly hot. They’re especially cool because they look a bit more feminine than shoes that show the ankle. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when styling. With jeans you channel a casual tomboy look. However, you will look particularly fashionable in a combination of a midi skirt or a wrap dress . These items of clothing also ensure that the hidden joint at the end of the leg does not make you look smaller than you are.

Retro-look sneakers

One brand in particular will continue to be traded hot in 2021. We are talking about Veja, which is characterized above all by its sustainability and always brings out designs that are reminiscent of other decades like the 80s. However, we also find sneakers from this category that have a Velcro fastener particularly nice . Not only are they great to wear, but they cannot open as easily as laces. So if you want to immerse yourself in the decade of your birth, this trend is the right place for you.

Platform sneakers

For women who can’t do without heels, this trend shoe will become an absolute favorite. Because it is comfortable and at the same time cheats a little bigger. The sneaker with platform is also perfect for more festive occasions, because it brings a cool, yet elegant break to your look. If you wear this companion with denim trousers and a white shirt, you can upgrade your outfit in no time.

Well, then the new year can finally come. We will definitely be walking into the new year with our new favorite sneakers!


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