Leather Leggings These Outfits Are Always Trendy!

Do you love leather leggings and need new inspiration or do you want to finally get such a nice piece but don’t know how to wear it? No problem: here are the most beautiful leather leggings outfits! Even Guido Maria Kretschmer has said goodbye to the opinion that leggings are not a solution either. Leather leggings are another special case : you can do everything! From sexy to sporty or even elegant, we can style them differently every day and for every occasion. As the? Very simple – with these outfit inspirations.

Leather leggings – but which ones ?!

Leather leggings – who would have thought – are not leather leggings. The actual leather leggings are made of genuine leather and could even be worn as pants even without a visible zip or button on the front . This variant is not an option for many for love of animals or for financial reasons (prices start around 300 euros). If you would like to invest here, you should pay attention to really good workmanship, a perfect fit and also that the leather of the pants was obtained as a by-product of the meat industry – so the animal had to give his life not just for pants.

In leather leggings made of artificial leather , there are again two variants: A, which like the real leather leggings of a solid, less elastic material and thus very pant-like effect and that is a leggings a primary and a special coating on a leather-like appearance has . You can find a model that looks like real leather pants but is made of synthetic leather in our Wunderweib shop . We love these leggings because they are super comfortable with their soft inner coating and we – thanks to hidden zippers at the leg ends – can easily slip in. For about 60 euros you can order the cool part easily and conveniently on account via our shop:

Would you like to invest in high-quality, genuine leather trousers that will last a lifetime? Then you might like one of these two models from the Rosa Stern brand , which – made from 100 percent dyed lamb leather – hugs like a second skin and guarantees long, narrow legs. If you want to wear your leather leggings primarily with short or tucked-in tops, you should rather choose the real leather version or the solid synthetic leather leggings. The leggings with a leather-look coating usually look best with long tops.

Outfits with leather leggings: basic or trendy?

Basically, leather leggings (no matter in which version) are an unbeatable basic, because the combination possibilities are almost unlimited. Whether real or synthetic leather: it is worth investing in good quality and carefully choosing your new favorite item. However, the 2019 leggings are also in trend: the classic in black is far ahead, but beige and brown tones are also guaranteed to ensure beautiful looks. Would you like some inspiration for combinations and outfits? Here they come!

Leather leggings: stylish in the office, but also on the playground

To wear leather leggings in the office or on the playground, comfortable shoes are the be-all and end-all. Therefore, depending on the weather, we prefer to combine Ugly Dad sneakers , rough combat boots (for example Dr. Martens) or spring-like, flat mules . We give the look the special styling factor with a long-cut blazer – either open, over a simple T-shirt or closed and, depending on your mood, with a belt at the waist. For accessories, we rely on simple and rather delicate jewelry and our favorite handbag. Trendy, serious and comfortable – three birds with one leather leggings!

Going out and partying in (artificial) leather leggings

Leather leggings can be sexy and elegant – in the best case, both at the same time. How it works? With delicate shoes with heels – they don’t even have to be particularly high (of course it doesn’t hurt either), even a kitten heel puts the leather-look leggings in elegance mode. And over there? A delicate top or a blouse made of satin or silk are a perfect addition to a leather leggings nightlife look. If you like it casual-elegant, you can also combine a shirt blouse or an actual white men’s shirt. The whole thing is a little more attracted, for example, with a flowing, calf-length coat or trench coat.A small handbag or clutch round off the look together with a pair of statement earrings.

Nice feel-good outfits with leather leggings

Who doesn’t know that: It’s Monday or just not the right day for elaborate styling or fashion expressionism. Here too, the leather leggings are at the top of the friends’ wardrobe list. We simply pull an oversized wool sweater or boyfriend hoodie over it, slip on our favorite sneakers or flat overknees and are ready for the day as it is. The whole thing works in summer with a shirt (like to use in the treasure closet or in the men’s department) and a pair of comfortable sandals (for example Birkenstocks) or comfortable loafers. Accessories? We do not need it – we only carry our belt bag crossbody or around the waist to pack the necessary stuff.

Leather leggings as a trend 2019

In 2019 our leather leggings will get a bold, but all the more beautiful style update: We are now wearing them under dresses and skirts! Of course, here are the actual leggings, which only work like leather pants due to a coating, but sit on the body like tights. Our favorite combination partner is a midi dress – casual in a shirt style or playful with a transparent skirt. High heels (sandals) go best with this, because the leggings-dress combination can compress, for whom this is not the case: Even sneakers make a difference, especially when they break into a princess-like transparent dress. With this look, we hold back with jewelry and just grab an elegant handbag or small crossbody bag.


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