Long Live The Long Sleeve Shirt! 1 Shirt – 3 Looks

Versatile, popular and cuddly. All-rounder, solo artist but also unbeatable in a team. Who are we talking about? What a question. Of course from the shirt. Although we should rather use the plural majestatis here. Because we’re not just talking about ONE shirt, but ALL shirts. Shirts in general. Shirts are one of the basic components of every wardrobe, they can score as an eye-catcher and at the same time function as a frame-providing companion. So part that you should have in your closet several times. Not convinced yet? Then you will experience today how versatile and versatile this garment is.

Our favorite shepherd in three colors

Based on our current favorite shirt, we want to show you how flexible this style is. Rocky, casual, classic – colors and accompanying styles transform the desired outfit in no time.

Casually styled in a green shirt

The color olive green has been surfing the absolute trend wave for several seasons. Regardless of whether it is rosé, gray or jeans blue – we love the complex attitude of this color. In combination with rose, the look looks playful, with gray minimalist and with jeans blue rather casual. We stick to gray and jeans blue and style our favorite green shirt with trendy jeans in a slim fit shape. Pretty ankle boots made of soft cowhide nappa leather come to the feet. Gathers and block heels create a beautiful and at the same time minimalist silhouette. A little glitter on the ears and the trendy casual look is ready. If you like, you can grab more eye-catching, hanging earrings here. Restrained ear studs work just as well.

Highly fashionable and casual at the same time – we love this look because it is so versatile and absolutely hip at the same time.

Racy in red

Leather, heels, black and red. We find the perfect ingredients for a rock outfit. The red shirt just screams for classy companions. Nothing easier than that: cuddly leather leggings come to the legs. The slightly stretchy material ensures a perfect fit. And in combination with our rather wide shirt this should be rather tight. The feet stand on 65mm high heels. These heels are joined by pretty ankle boots made of high-quality suede and ensure a stylish overall appearance. Of course, we don’t just want to wear this look in the evening.  The rather classic shape of the handbag fulfills this wish and quickly turns the outfit into everyday suitability.  The seductive thing about this look? He’s rocking without being over-the-top. It can be carried out both in everyday life and in the evening. What more do you want?

The black shirt for the classic look.

We wear our favorite black shirt to the office or if we feel more classic. Tone-on-tone is the magic word. If you think of boring here, you are completely wrong. The black complete outfit impresses with its elegant, reduced appearance. Fashionable jeans in 7/8 length come to the legs. A nice detail here is the trendy asymmetrical hem with an open cut edge. Vokuhila is unmistakably the motto here. The subsequent cowboy booties, which are absolutely hip at the moment, bring them to their best advantage.
As the icing on the cake, a multi-row chain glitters with our smile.

An outfit that I can wear both in the office and in the restaurant? Just perfect! As an alternative, you can also wear slim-fit trousers in a slim-fit shape made from woven fabrics.

Shirt, shirts, shirts

Do you understand now why we can’t get enough of this part? A companion who is there when you need it, but stands back when other things are more important. Simply good! Our wardrobe can definitely need more of these practical parts. Or what do you mean?


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