Stylish Women Would Never Buy These Clothes

Why do some ladies just look more stylish than others? What exactly makes them look so good? There are a couple of styling secrets to follow. We’ll tell you one thing now, and that is which parts you would never buy. When we scroll through our Instagram feed, look through the street style looks of the Fashion Weeks or just see super stylish women on the street , we always get a little jealous. How do the ladies always manage to be so trendy and look like they came straight out of a fashion magazine? Inspired by these girls, we then quickly try to copy something from them and shop for the same coats or cool boots.

However, the question remains, what do fashionistas like Camille Charriere, Emily Sindlev or Xenia Adonts have in themselves or what exactly do they always doto look fashion-conscious ? Since we have already reported here about the rules you have to follow in order to look fashionable , we are now going to tell you which clothes women with an excellent taste in fashion would NEVER buy. From too much bling-bling to skin-colored stockings, everything is included, so read and learn.

Statement shirts with rhinestones

The comeback of the 2000s? Hardly likely! Statement shirts with rhinestones, too much bling-bling and lettering such as “Hello Baby” or “Girls” is simply too exaggerated. These pieces definitely belong on the list of pieces that stylish women would n’t put in their shopping cart. Instead, they prefer to wear simple tops in muted pastel or cream tones , but black and gray are also colors that fashionistas always rely on and that never go out of style.

Skin-colored stockings

Showing your ankles is sexy and also very stylish . What fashion-conscious women definitely don’t wear are skin-colored stockings. Then they really prefer to do without socks entirely. Firstly, this no-go is reminiscent of the grandmother’s support models, and secondly, they slip off the leg most of the time, which makes the cuff stick out unsightly. And let’s be honest, have you ever seen these pieces on the It-Girls? No? Neither do we, and we certainly won’t either.

Fake designer bags

If we don’t see one thing in our style icons , it is definitely fake designer bags, because these make our outfit look anything but cool and stylish. Then rather rely on quality, save the money for a few months or years and invest in an original designer bag such as the Chanel “2.55” or the “Baguette Bag” from Fendi. Real classics that you can always wear as an accessory and that give your look an eye-catching moment.

Skinny dresses

Even if tight dresses often have the cliché of making us look sexy and feminine, stylish women would never wear, let alone buy, such models where every pound is really evident. They prefer to wear flowing fabrics , loose-fitting pieces and also prefer the oversize look. In doing so, they skilfully conceal one or the other problem area.

Hose scarf

Knitted accessories definitely keep us warm in winter. The style icons use hats or the beloved scarves . One variant that we will definitely not see in them are the functional hose models. They are practical because we only have to pull them over our head, but unfortunately they look anything but stylish. Designs in XXL lengths and delicate silk scarves with prints that casually combine the fashion models are much cooler . Or you can leave off the scarf entirely and wear an oversize turtleneck, like the influencer Jeanette Madsen already does.

These parts have now been listed under the term no-gos . What you should now write down are, instead, trendy items such as combat boots , knitted dresses or maxi coats, which you can currently wear perfectly for the autumn / winter season . What do you still have to do to be as stylish as the fashionistas? Follow the rules above and just be yourself.


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