These Winter Jackets Look A Lot More Expensive Than They Really Are

Winter is just around the corner and of course that’s the perfect excuse for us to invest in a new jacket. We’ll now reveal which models are trendy and look much more expensive than they really are. Temperatures are falling, it’s getting colder and the end of the year is approaching. That can only mean one thing: winter is in the starting blocks. While we rely on particularly light and transparent fabrics in spring and summer, things can get cuddly in the cold season. Turtlenecks , thick cardigans and boots are now part of our everyday lives.

However, a winter outfit would not be rounded off if the right jacket was missing. Of course, we cannot rely on casual models made of denim (unless we want to freeze). So we need an equally trendy model, which, however, protects us from the cold and wet.We were looking for such a winter jacket and came across items that, thanks to their optics, look much more expensive than they are. Curious? Now we’re going to reveal more.

Oversize quilted jackets look like designer pieces

Of course, we don’t want to do without trendy and stylish clothing even in winter. The problem: The beautiful sweaters , tank tops and co. Unfortunately just get lost under a thick jacket. The solution: The throw should also look stylish! For this reason, we looked around our favorite online shops and looked for models that are now not only available to buy everywhere, but also look even more expensive than they actually are. We came across quilted jackets that come in an oversize format. The “puffed” look makes the difference here. As a result, the model not only looks much better, it also keeps you extremely warm. The so-called puffer jackets can currently also be seen in many current collections of the major fashion houses. But if you don’t want to spend a fortune on these it-pieces, you can of course also rely on alternatives that look just as stylish. In our picture gallery we have already introduced you to our favorites for after-shopping.

How to style the winter jacket in cool temperatures

When styling with such a winter jacket , which is now available in all shapes and designs on the collar, all options are open to you. B articularly sporting the outfit looks natural with sneakers and jeans . If such shoes are too cold for you in winter, you ca n’t go wrong with ankle boots or overknees . If you want everyday life to be a bit more feminine, a cozy knitted dress under the jacket, which you combine with tights.

Our favorite shoe for such a dress code: ankle boots with heels. These visually stretch the legs and make them appear longer. However you style the jacket, one thing is certain: the larger and wider the cut, the more casual the look. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it, so that you disappear completely behind the collar. When buying, just make sure that your hands can still fully flash out of the sleeves. So nothing stands in the way of a stylish appearance in winter


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