Must-try Indian Hairstyles That Suits Every Occasion

Short hair, curly hair, straight and silky hair! No matter, what the hair is like we have hairstyles for all kinds. A lady’s look is complete only when her hair is set properly, and hairstyles portray the personality, and it enhances it enhances the overall aesthetical appearance. Hairstyles are completely dependent on the length of the hair, but it’s a myth that short hair people cannot stylize their hair. Ladies with short hair can also get some of the gorgeous hairdos with some precincts. Also, when a hairstyle is being done, one must remember to get it done according to the shape of the face to give a lift the overall looks. Indian hairstyles can be achieved easily with splendid looks.

Hairstyles are also largely dependent on the occasions too! Hence, based on the kind of events that one is attending the hairstyles can also be altered and set accordingly. It’s also quite essential to get the right type of hairstylist too to achieve perfect looks when you are taking part in some of the ostentatious events because a novice might have slight troubles in getting the desired look. So, here are some of the must-try Indian hairstyles which can quickly enhance the overall looks within an instance.

1. Iron those curls for sophistication

This has been one of the most typical Indian hairstyles which would be done using the rollers and curling irons on a mid-length hair. Most of the Bollywood heroines from the 70s would be seen in this classy hairstyle. This hairstyle would look extremely gorgeous and goes perfectly well with all the attire. This hairstyle would make the hair more voluminous and also creates an illusion of longer hair. To complete the looks, you could always choose to tam this hairstyle with some heavy contemporary danglers.

2. Layer them up to look elegant

The soft and feathery layers that get created while styling your hair can give an extremely sophisticated look. People with less volume should try getting this hairstyle done as it makes the hair look thick and voluminous. This style can be quickly achieved without any hassles using a normal dry blow technique, and this is one of the perfect formal hairstyles to match with an ethnic Indian suit. With a little bit of day make-up, this hairstyle can be pulled off in an occasion like weddings. Do not forget to wear some heavy traditional jewellery with this hairstyle because that completes the look and this hairstyle would go really well with Silk sarees.

3. Messy yet gorgeous

It would not be an exaggeration to say that buns are the most becoming hairstyles these days because they suit perfectly for all the occasions. Though they are messy, they make the person look extremely appealing and graceful at the same time. This hairstyle can be achieved quickly by making a bun at the back by pulling a few strands of shorter length hair to create a messy look. The remaining hair from the front is to be pinned loosely to complete the look. To add to the beauty, studded pins and other accessories like beads can be used. This has been the trend of late that can be largely seen in almost all the Indian weddings.

Well, these are some of the best Indian hairstyles that are always in trend because of the sophistication it brings. Well, one should know that it’s always a perfect hairstyle that brings out the actual beauty in everyone because achieving the desired look through a perfect hairstyle for flawless looks is an art in itself.

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