Sleeves & Sweater The Coolest Fashion Trend

Variation around a tireless theme: the sleeves . After witnessing the advent of sleeveless sweaters , here we are at the forefront of a growing hype . This fall, fashionistas in vogue are proving that to stay trendy and warm, it is perfectly possible to dispense with the traditional gloves and mittens that come back in force in our closets every winter.

Their trick? Let yourself be tempted by shirts, sweaters or hoodies with ultra-long sleeves to cover their hands and give yourself a decidedly cool look, punctuated by boyish notes . All this by sliding over an elegant jacket or coat, revealing the famous ” long sleeves “. A very comfortable stylistic attribute, which already agrees with all the girls who provide style.


From stylist and fashion influencer Lisa Olsson we will take the idea of ​​letting the maxi sleeves of a blue shirt appear under a cashmere sweater, to Annabel Rosendahl we will copy the association of a long-sleeved sweater with a leather jacket , or to Emili Sindlev – spiritual daughter of Carrie Bradshaw – the trick of revealing the long sleeves of a shirt with nineties prints underneath a lumberjack-style shirt, cleverly belted.
Long sleeves or short sleeves? It’s up to us to choose our side.

Sleeveless to acclimatize to the good weather , the bib sweater has come a long way (and in force) to appear on the most prominent stylists and fashionistas. At its peak, this trend invaded the streets at a time when the whole of Milan followed the Fashion Week parades with a frantic pace . Unexpectedly, the iconic sleeveless sweater from the 70s now inspires designers who manage to bring it back to the present day without any false notes. From Miuccia Prada to Sophie Delafontaine, artistic director of the Longchamp house, there is only one step, or one sweater! Slipped over a monogrammed jumpsuit or next to flowing dresses, sleeveless knitwear can be seen over various garments for the charm to operate.


On the Great Britain side, the English call it “ tank top ”, in reference to the “ tank suit ” swimmers of the 1900s, to which it is related. And it was during the seventies that the sleeveless sweater was all the rage with men, who subsequently declined it in a sporty version for tennis, golf and locust. A bit kitsch , this anachronistic fashion piece, is perfect for this sunnier than expected season. While you dread sending your ribbed knit back to the closet, sleeveless knitwear is the right alternative for taking a smooth step into spring without catching a cold.


Long assigned to the rank of fashion’s unloved, the sweater dress, now recognized for its ample and maximum shape, seduces style fanatics who experiment with it in many ways, in order to stand out. Because it’s a fact, the jumper dress is suitable for all tastes and all body types. Whether we prefer it delicately belted , or assumed in a loose cut , there is something for everyone.


The ultimate secret to successfully mastering this style exercise is to turn to accessories at the forefront of the trend, which will rebel the wise side of the mesh dress. In the accessory departments , we will therefore grab a pair of high boots : the perfect compromise to sublimate our autumnal strides. Only nota bene? Send the tights back to the closet that we no longer need, given that the dress has fallen perfectly, just below the knee, which will act as a barrier to the cool wind. And if writing should take only one version to consider wearing the sweater dress , it would be with a scarf oversized slipped around the neck, slouchy boots in camel leather, and glasses aviators with amber lenses. The whole thing, the hair slipped into the mesh dress to boost this comforting piece, ultimately very popular.

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