Slit Skirt: The Fall Fashion Trend That Will Make Us Beautiful Legs

How to sublimate our legs when the first frosts are looming? An exercise in pointed style, which fashionistas take up hands down by grabbing the slit skirt. When the temperatures drop, it’s hard to find a convincing way to highlight our strides, without losing our presence, and without catching a cold. But since the beginning of autumn, the slit skirt has witnessed a meteoric rise to the forefront of the fashion scene, and eclipsed by its singularity, its alter egos of the air of play of style: miniskirt, midi skirt and skirt. pleated, which had hitherto been popular. Rehabilitated by designers and ready-to-wear brands , this seventies- sounding piece is a poignant comeback, especially since its arrival during the Chanel fall-winter 2020-2021 show .


Versatile at will, we like it speckled with polka dots, tattooed with floral prints, adorned with logos or totally uncluttered. If the trend is for its cut to be similar to all models, on the color side , we will turn to bold shades such as purple, pop pink , emerald green or royal blue: as long as you reduce the contrasts with a top and more faded accessories .  As for materials: while latex is being exiled, we will retain tweed for its vintage side, (imitation) leather with sexy accents that we will soften with a top in natural fibers (linen, cotton), jeans for its spirit without fuss, or even the mesh for its comforting aspect.


Identifiable by its sensual slit which subtly reveals part of our legs, the “slip skirt” reconciles us with the skirts worn next to the skin. Because now it is a fact. No need to put on (and slip on) tights and stockings of all kinds, the slit skirt can be considered in a maxi version, and is first of all twisted with high boots : thigh-high boots, riding boots … A resolutely trendy gimmick, which does not let the cold pass.

As for the tops, we like it paired with an XXL collar blouse (lavallière, Peter Pan collar), a ruffled shirt, a sleeveless sweater , or a ribbed knit. Because let’s not forget the golden rule of the modosphere: we will always favor a wide top with a tight bottom, and vice-versa, in order to confer an elegant look in all circumstances. For the rest, it’s up to us to improvise.


Leader of the Chanel Fall-Winter 2020-2021 ready-to-wear fashion show , during which she can be seen in tweed or leather , the slit skirt is the pledge of a hype outfit. What pleases? Its sensual slit that offers freedom of movement to whoever wears it, while revealing the legs with subtlety. As long as you have mastered the crossover of the legs.

Whether speckled with polka dots, tattooed with animal and floral prints, monochrome, denim, cotton or satin, the slit skirt is acclimatized to all desires. The editorial staff’s favorite? Mango’s high-waisted denim model, which mirrors the cut of 70s skirts.


This fall, the fashionistas are playing it without fuss. They will pair with a slit skirt, a ruffled blouse, a shirt collar or even a sleeveless sweater to reinforce the vintage side of this fashionable piece. In the accessory departments, they will opt for flat or heeled mules to sweeten the look, riding boots to soften the gait, or military rangers to bring an extra rock ‘n’ roll to the whole.


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