The Easy Breezy Kurtis

One of the most versatile garments that Indian women have is a Kurti. It can be transformed from a simple robe to a lavish looking garment a woman can own. Kurtis are very comfortable and yet provide a very dignified look to any woman out there. They can be worn to office, colleges, home or during festivities. Depending on the occasion women usually pick out their kurtis with different fabrics and style. The best part about a kurti is you can tone it up or down depending on the situation. A kurti is every Indian daughter’s favorite.

Nowadays you have wide range of fabrics, cuts and patterns which make them suitable for almost any kind of occasion. Cotton kurtis are mostly preferred by women when they want to work. They look extremely neat and polished when they are starched and ironed. Rayon fabric is trending in market right now because of their low maintenance and the fabric falls on you like a dream hugging your curves perfectly, giving an illusion of an angel’s body. Silk kurtis can be worn by woman during auspicious occasions and during festivals. There are different types of kurti cuts that can be worn at different instances.

1. The Short Kurti

This is for the young girls out there who want to dress conservatively yet want look their best. Short kurtis paired with a patiyala pants and a matching dupatta will always look good on any girl out there. Short kurtis can also be paired with your favorite jeans and would still look neat yet cool. These kurtis can be mixed and matched with different types of bottoms. One kurti is enough for lots of permutations and combinations of style. This is a wardrobe essential that a girl must own. You will surely never get tired of short kurtis.

2. The Long Kurti

The best usage of this kind of kurtis is for daily use. Pair a kurti with a legging of a complimentary color and you are good to go. The reason why women choose kurti for everyday use is its simplicity and comfort. There are different types of cuts to choose from. A-line cuts and straight cuts are the most common cuts that are available in the market. There are various prints to choose from.

3. The Embellished

There are kurtis sets out there that have a bling and will look good when worn during festivals and pre-wedding ceremonies. Usually the kurti is plain and comes with a heavy dupatta. These are chosen by women when they want to look their best as well as have the freedom to move around.

Tips To Make Your Plain Kurti Into A Fashionable One

1. Play With Textures

When you have a kurti don’t shy away from experimenting it with different fabrics. Try wearing patiyalas, leggings, jeans and dothi style pants and see what works the best.

2. Layering

If you are wearing a kurti with spaghetti straps and you aren’t comfortable showing your skin, layer it with your favorite coat. Usually Jodhpuri coats look the best on kurtis.

3. The Tee Shirt Hack

If you think you might have a wardrobe malfunction due to deep neck or you think your bra straps are peaking through, wear a tee shirt underneath your kurti. This way you are sure that there will not be any moment of fashion faux pas.

4. Use Stoles

If you think your kurti is too plain, just use a stole or a scarf to make it look a little put together. The best and effortless look is when you fold the scarf onto half and tie it around your neck.


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