The Latest Trends From The Jeans Department

Whether timeless fashion classic or current trend: it is quite normal that not every woman will like the same clothes. Some like it classic, others prefer romantic or sporty. With denim, however, we are certain that our hearts beat in the same rhythm. Whether as jeans, denim jacket, denim shirt or denim dress: the robust fabric is incredibly diverse and always gives its wearer a certain nonchalance.

Well, are you currently seeing your favorite denim outfit in your mind’s eye? You are certainly not the only one. Ever since Levi Strauss first used the fabric for pants in the late 19th century, it has become an integral part of our wardrobes. No wonder, because with the models made of denim, Strauss landed a real hit after having been unsuccessful in making canvas trousers for a few years. By the way: The denim fabric originally comes from Genoa. The name “jeans”, which we use today for denim trousers, comes from the French name of this Italian city, Gênes.

As you can see, denim has a long history. And we prophesy to you: this story is far from over. Because the possibilities that the fabric offers are almost limitless. The new fashion favorites from KLINGEL are the best proof of that – have a look!

Denim with clou

Wardrobe open! Which denim part can it be today? If this scenario seems familiar to you, then you probably have a fairly large collection of denim clothing – and of course this is constantly expanding, as the designers always come up with something new with the blue fabric. We are not surprised, because denim is so versatile and easy to combine like hardly any other fabric. Everyday denim? Definitely! Especially if it is as fun as the blouse from » Laura Kent. The classic cut makes it a companion for every day, and the star pattern skilfully sets many small highlights. The fine blouse with sequins and embroidery shows that denim pieces can be subtly glamorous. Do you want to accelerate a little more? Then we recommend the fashionable jeans with destroyed effects. Or how about pumps in an exciting patch design? Definitely an eye catcher!

Denim for ethnic fans

Ethnic patterns and denim are simply an unbeatable team. Levi Strauss certainly would not have thought that when he used the material to tailor a trousers primarily for cowboys. We guess: Today he would also recognize that the many variants of Indian patterns on denim simply look great! What do you think of the trendy poncho with an ethnic knit pattern and fringes, for example? Or the slim jeans with embroidery on the hem? If you prefer a more feminine look, the chic denim dress with braided belt would be our recommendation. You see, denim can find its way into your wardrobe in many variations.

Everything in jeans blue

For us, the fascination for denim comes not only from its versatility and robustness, but also from its unmistakable color. Are you feeling similar? Wonderful, because that is reason enough for us to use denim blue even where there is no denim – or where it would simply be impractical. For example with the chic handbag from » Rieker . It looks like denim, but is made of soft material. This not only makes them lighter, but also more resistant. The fashionable shirt by Laura Kentalso does without denim, but still impresses with its great jeans blue color. Last but not least, something for your feet: sneakers in jeans blue are simply chic and a great alternative to classic white models.

Well, do you still have your favorite outfit in mind? We could imagine that you have come up with a few new ideas. Please tell us how you prefer to wear denim, we look forward to your comments.


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