The Most Beautiful Coat Trends

A coat can make up an entire outfit. Whether jeans with sneakers or a patterned midi dress with boots: the coat is the cherry on the cream in autumn and winter. But which cherry or which coat do we choose? These models and styling tips can definitely make the decision easier.

Classic and timeless: the wool coat is not just a trend

Whoever invests here has a companion for life. The wool coat remains up-to-date in every fall / winter season. Only the styling and the way of wearing it vary. Very long wool coats are popular this year : calf or ankle length, the coat is not only trendy, but also keeps the whole body warm. In terms of shape, there are both figure-hugging and oversize models. Almost indispensable detail: a lapel collar, which makes the wool coat no matter what color or shape classic and gives the upper body contour. If you want to be trendy with the pattern or color of the coat: Check patterns of any color, pastel shades and bright red are very popular with coats in the autumn / winter season. However, if you want a timeless classic for the coming cold seasons, you should rely on muted natural tones. Camel-colored and gray wool coats are particularly variable and popular.

Cape of Good Hope

Capes are A-shaped sleeves without sleeves. They are available in almost any length. The arms are inserted through two slits on the side and are not covered by the cape itself. From a warming point of view, this is rather impractical, but the capes score even more in terms of the style factor. The capes bring glamorous elegance to any outfit in 2018 . They therefore go particularly well with classy looks with leather boots and dresses. But also business clothes, such as blazers, suit or Marlene pants go very well with the elegant throw. The combination with jeans and rough or sporty shoes is definitely not a no-go, but an exciting change in style.

Teddy fur or fake fur: the cozy trends

As in the previous year, we love it cozy and fluffy again in 2018. Teddy coats are really reminiscent of childhood childhood friends, but the striking structure of this coat makes it a real eye-catcher. Like the wool coat, it is also particularly trendy with a lapel collar and calf or ankle length. There are hardly any limits in terms of color, but here too, pastel shades such as pink or light blue are ahead. The coat made of teddy fur can be used universally, however, in beige or brown. Fake fur comes from classic animal patterns this year : from the leo to the zebra pattern, there is no animal that the fake fur coats do not imitate in the autumn / winter season 2018 .

Oversize down or quilted coats

Honestly: You can’t get warmer. Especially in down coats that make us look like a Michelin man, no minus degree can harm us. This year it will be even warmer, because down and quilted coats now also have a length that extends to the calf or even to the ankles. The oversize version with a shawl collar goes one better. If you do not want to wear down coats for animal welfare reasons, you can rely on the padded quilted versions or on brands that take special care that no animals are tortured for their products (for example “Save the Duck”).

White coats

Camouflage colors with a difference: the newcomer among the winter coats looks almost like a snow-covered winter wonderland. Because now we prefer to wear cozy woolen coats in white . No matter whether for binding or as a faux fur variant, they are infinitely more elegant than the other winter coat trends and make every winter look look classy. Admittedly, it looks different in practice. But aren’t they just beautiful?


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