The Most Beautiful Spring Jackets

The most beautiful spring jackets : This blog post comes from your pen again indirectly. The other day, a dear reader has written to me whether I can’t even write an article on spring jackets. And since I am primarily writing the blog for you, I am of course very happy to accommodate this wish. Men always shake their heads at the word transition jackets. However, for us women they are essential to survive the fluctuating weather transition from winter to summer. But which jacket models are suitable as a spring jacket at all? Which jacket trends are relevant in 2019? And of course also: Where can I buy the most beautiful spring jackets? I’ll answer all of this for you today in this article:

Transitional jackets: the blazer

One of my favorite transition jackets? Of course, the blazer. You know I love him and I’m sure many of you are too. Thankfully, the times when business was cute as an office essential and was not popular in leisure time are over. Models made of linen, blended fabrics or cotton are ideal for spring. Not only are you always well dressed, but you are also well prepared for spontaneous weather fluctuations.

Transitional jackets: the trench coat

A longer but equally popular transition jacket model? The trench coat. This is not just an absolute wardrobe essential for every woman, but also ideal for the first mild spring temperatures. Incidentally, it was none other than film stars like Audrey Hepburn who breathed life into the classic coat “Must have”. If you want to be on the safe side, invest in a beige model (from Burberry) and you will be happy all your life. But this season also represented: new interpretations with special details or in bright colors. As you like

Between-seasons jackets : the bomber jacket

The bomber jacket or aviator / pilot jacket is clearly more casual and sporty than the trench. The origin was their purpose for the US Army, but it is no secret that we women have adopted this jacket model for a long time. Why? Bomber jackets are as comfortable as they are casual. You throw them on and you automatically look well dressed. But what doesn’t she do? One waist. The O-shape of the jacket is rather sporty in nature, which can have its charm and style break. If you like it feminine, go for bomber jackets made of satin or with embroidery. Otherwise you can also find models made of cotton or canvas. What do everyone have? Ribbed cuffs on the collar, sleeves and bottom edge.

Transitional jackets : the denim jacket

Of course, the classic jeans should not be missing. This season we not only wear cool denim jackets in classic blue, but also in pastel colors such as pink, yellow or orange. Also very popular: embellishments such as patches, pearls or other applications. In 2019, pretty much everything goes with the cut. From oversized boyfriend cuts to classic hip lengths to short waist denim jackets, everything is represented. How to combine denim jackets? As versatile as possible. If you like it extremely, go for the denim all-over look and style the jacket with matching pants or shorts. For a slightly more elegant look with a denim jacket in soft colors such as beige, brown or pastel grips. These look just as good with a delicate skirt as with a maxi dress.

Transitional jackets : the leather jacket

I recently created a leather jacket guide for you (here). Logical that it should not be missing in my list for the most beautiful transition jackets. I’m pretty sure almost every one of us has a leather jacket in the closet. Whoever invests in a real leather model will have something of his whole life at best. The best? Real leather jackets get better with every wear and over the years, because the leather becomes softer and the leather look more exciting. If you want a classic, buy a typical biker jacket with a rather short cut, silver hardware and one or two details such as quilting seams. It can really be worn with almost anything, because every leather jacket stands and falls with the charisma of the person wearing it. It goes with leather pants at least as well as with culottes and if you like a break in style, wear the leather jacket with a feminine and flowing dress (like me above;)). The motto? Who dares Wins!

Transitional jackets: the kimono

Kimonos are a little more exotic but no less beautiful than a jacket. Wide, shorter sleeves and a rather loose and wide cut are characteristic of the originally Japanese jacket. Also typical? Kimonos have no buttons, but are only closed with a belt. I personally like this casual style very much and think that you are dressed nicely with a kimono. Traditional kimonos usually have a very striking pattern. However, due to the commercialization, there are now also many variants in subtle colors and made of exciting materials such as velvet or silk.

Transitional jackets: the parka

A bit of safari, a bit of adventure and a lot of everyday usability. I have a weakness for parka and especially like to wear in spring and autumn. Not only because they mostly have the ideal material thickness, but also because I really like the color khaki. Because yes, most parkas are classic dark green. Also characteristic of her are many small pockets and patch elements that offer space for all the small things – as an everyday ranger you always have everything with you;) The typical parka goes lengthwise to the middle of the hip and actually looks like a jacket. However, there are also parka coats, which of course are much longer. You see: here you are spoiled for choice and there is something for everyone. When styling? See bright and high contrast colors like white, Cream or nude looks great. Because optically they come from the same color environment, but ensure that the parka is in focus.

Transitional jackets: the vest

There was a time when long vests were my very personal signature piece – one or the other may remember it. In the meantime, she no longer wears it as often as before, but still likes it. I love vests in every way. Why? Because they can make a look super cool without covering up the rest of the look on the upper body. In addition, they are ideal for the transition season, because depending on the material, they can be warm or simply complement the look.


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