The Most Important Trend Cuts & Shapes

The official start of autumn is only in a few days – more precisely on September 1st – but already it feels as if we should get the knitted sweaters and coats out again. But is this fall / winter all about the same silhouettes and fits as last year, or do we have new trends to expect? This is exactly what today’s fashion forecast is about. Which trend cuts & shapes for autumn and winter 2020 can we prepare for? So much can already be said: one or the other classic remains, but there are also a few new and exciting cuts and silhouettes. And very important: the cuts and shapes have rarely been so versatile that there is really something for everyone !

Oversize layering

Layering beautifully is one of the most important fashion mottoes this autumn / winter. Because designers are relying on extreme onion locomotives this season. Best of all oversized, on top of each other, with each other and with each other. The main thing is that the silhouettes are almost fused together. Feminine, figure-hugging clothing applies in autumn / winter to the bottom rather than the top. What is behind it? Perhaps an answer to the women’s power movement that is currently overtaking the fashion world. Because instead of body and appearance, designers are again focusing more on personality. Definitely not a bad approach, is it ?! Seen at : Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Tibi & Victoria Beckham among others.

And how do you combine wide cuts with layering?

It’s best to build up the look slowly. That means thin long sleeves or turtlenecks first. Then maybe an oversized blazer or a cool, loose-fitting cardigan. A blazer vest, a denim jacket or leather jacket followed by woolen coats or puffy down jackets. The main thing is a lot and lush, so that a boxy silhouette is created, as Marc Jacobs or Balenciaga celebrated on the runway for this season. But Issey Miyake, Victoria Beckham, Rochas, Sacai or Gabriela Hearst also rely on the more is more look. In terms of color, we can either rely directly on strong nuances in the color-blocking style and contrasts, or try to keep it harmonious. Both look great.


Yes, fringes have of course been known to us for a long time. And they won’t say goodbye this fall / winter either. But not only in the Western look, which also belongs to the silhouettes that set the tone in autumn (more on this below), but also and above all in an elegant form. That means fringed dresses, fringed skirts, fringed blazers, fringed tops, fringed pockets and even fringed shoes are bringing a lot of momentum into autumn right now. Seen at : Givenchy, Elie Saab and H&M Studio.

And how do you combine fringes?

Instead of real fur and tons of fabric for the super onion look, designers rely on swinging, long fringe looks. This also creates more shape and larger silhouettes. For example, Prada combined the whole thing with plastic, a material that never loses its shape. But it doesn’t have to be that crazy. A cool frayed pair of jeans, a pair of loafers with a fringe detail or a fringe pocket are the perfect introduction for fringe beginners. If you like it a bit more eye-catching, you should use highlight pieces such as a fringed dress or a brans blazer. In terms of color, black naturally always looks elegant. But also bright colors like red look great. The best way to orient yourself for this trend is to follow the current one Trend colors for autumn / winter (here is an overview of all Pantone trends) and you can’t go wrong.

Western styles

The Western style is back. And certainly not only thanks to the last Dior collection. Fashion houses such as Isabel Marant, Elie Saab or Fendi also celebrate the feminine but tough cowboy silhouettes in autumn and winter 2020. From pantsuits with a fringed coby neckerchief to leather full-body combinations of boots, mini skirt, shirt and hat. Seen at : Dries Van Noten, Coach, Calvin Klein, Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, Dsquared2, Chloé, Alberta Ferretti & Fendi, among others,

And how do you combine the Western style?

A shoe alone doesn’t make a look. In other words, a cowboy boot is a good start, but it’s only half the battle. The art is to create the perfect mix of thick cowboy girl and femininity. It is therefore best to combine leather pieces, whether smooth or suede. They can also be belts or boots. Then rely on typical colors and patterns such as cognac or lumberjack plaid. In terms of materials, you should use jeans or flannel, but also silk pieces. Flowing, feminine pieces like patterned prairie dresses should meet work pieces like vintage denim jackets, cowboy boots or hats.

Mega max lengths

Even when the summer is practically over, the maxi lengths will accompany us for quite a while (be careful word joke: D). Because the excess length definitely takes over in autumn / winter. And this in the form of dresses (here are a few tips on how we can wear our summer clothes in autumn), long vests, calf-length cardigans and palazzo or Marlene trousers. Grinding on the floor is officially allowed again. The pieces should not only have holes in them. Then prefer to exchange directly. Otherwise the look will look worn out and unattractive. Seen at : among others Chanel and Giambattista Valli.

And how do you combine maxi lengths?

Chanel and Giambattista Valli are leading the way: ankle-length coats in a bathrobe look paired with extra-long Marlene trousers and cardigans in mini-dress length. Including a thin turtleneck, a few cool boots and the look is done. Shoulders can also be worn loosely, just like sleeves, which now like to flap a little over the length. The best thing to do is wear the look both above and below and just don’t go for a part super-tight, part super-loose combination, but go all in. This makes the trend even more casual and elegant. Flowing substances can only help. Robust, rigid fabrics, on the other hand, do not support the trend positively. In terms of color, it is important to pay attention to combinations.

Victorian A line

And since, as promised, this season really has something for everyone in terms of cuts and shapes, there is something for everyone who likes to emphasize their waist and are romantic on the road 🙂 With the Victorian A-line, the designers are already reaching 100 up to 150 years old cutting technology and bring a bit of historical flair to our wardrobe. Characteristic are dresses with emphasized waist and flared, floor-length lower part. Seen at : among others Elie Saab, Coach and Michael Kors

And how do I wear the Victorian A line?

If you like it rich in contrast, take a break from style and combine a leather jacket and coarse boots with the more elegant and romantic dresses. For a chic evening event, the Victorian A-line can of course also be worn in a very classic and chic way with high heels, a clutch and a stole. If you like the boho style, you definitely have a stylish partner at your side with a cape as a transition jacket.


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