The Perfect Personality Ring For Your Lady

When it comes to jewelry, rings are a piece that is loved by both men and women. Now, if you are planning to pop the big question, then you need a ring for your lady. You need to buy a ring which matches her personality. This being said probably a nice solitaire can melt any women’s heart in a jiffy. A ring that she is supposed to wear day in and out has a huge impact on her. Here in this article, we have covered some ring styles which should be apt for your would-be as per her personality –

A Romantic Woman : If your lady is romantic by nature, loves classic love sagas, falls head over heels over a little puppy, such a woman needs something dainty and pretty. Thin bands, vintage rings that would give her a delicate look would be perfect. Round cut gems or diamonds which give a classic look with different settings and bands would be nice.

An Athletic Lady : If your woman is an athlete, loves working up a sweat, gives a lot of importance to health and fitness – please keep in mind that it still boils down to being a woman. Such a lady would love something simple and yet elegant. Such people give a lot of importance to pride and quality. So you need to ensure that your ring speaks that. A Marquise cut ring would bowl her over. This is quite rare in the engagement world. It is like a boat shaped diamond and gives the look of a larger diamond than the others of the same carat.

The Fashionable Diva : If your lady gives a lot of importance to the latest trends and updates her shopping styles then you need to get something accordingly. Emerald shape diamonds are a huge statement in such cases. Or even square cut diamonds which stand out and your lady can show it off on her pretty finger. You can also think of wider bands which would be bold and can literally pop off her hand; maybe some diamonds on the band would be an added glitter. Such women might have very particular taste too, if you have an idea you could even try to get a custom made one. Sometimes such women might be a powerhouse. You might want to ask her what she wants exactly; else she might not like your selection at all. Take her input to be on the safe side. But generally, such strong women prefer things that stand out and are bold. So go for something that is unique like the color or cut of the diamond should be different.

A Tomboy : If your lady is one who likes to wear sneakers instead of sleek heels or stilettos then you need to get something simple for her which still shows off some bling. Usually a solitaire is the best choice for such women. But at times even a simple band with settings all throughout could do wonders. Rose gold is very much the ‘in’ thing these days and gives a chic look without being boring.

A Social Lady : Women always love to show off their engagement ring. But if she is a social butterfly then it is going to happen more emphatically. She would love to send Whatsapp pictures, maybe post it on Facebook or Instagram. A woman with that kind of social standing needs something worth showing off. Twisted bands with an element of classic and trendy would be a great idea. Small diamonds could surround one of the bands with something large and eye catching in the middle.

Here we have just given you some ideas. It is up to you to judge what your lady would like and get her the best possible engagement ring which would make her fall in love with you all over again.

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