Sleeping Position During Pregnancy | The Right Way To Sleep During Pregnancy

Sleep Positions during Pregnancy : Now that pregnant women need more sleep than ever, choosing a suitable sleeping position will keep them and their growing fetus safe and healthy. One thing we need to understand first is that going to sleep and staying in the same position till morning may not be easy. Women are familiarized to sleeping in a particular position that is common but appears to be more easy and comfortable to them, but that changes during pregnancy. In this stage, pregnant women experience frequent urination, tender breasts, heartburn, shortness of breath, back pain, or spells of restlessness and sleeplessness, in addition to an ever-expanding belly which makes it extremely difficult to identify an ideal sleeping posture. Some sleeping positions possibly will not be safe and comfortable for pregnant women and their baby as compared to others. To keep you together with your baby healthy, and better your sleep throughout your pregnancy period, here is what you should know.

Different Sleep Positions and Their Effects on You and Your Growing Fetus

Lying on Your Back
During your pregnancy, it is recommended that you should discourage sleeping while facing upwards or on your back. Though it may perhaps be safe at some point in your first trimester, one drawback with this resting position is that it makes your uterus and heavy abdomen to put pressure on the vein that functions to carry blood from your abdomen and other lower body regions to your heart. So resting on your back will make you have a lightheaded and unsteady feel, and also slow down the supply of blood and important nutrients to your womb as well as your growing baby.

Some issues such as backaches, digestive system problems, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, hemorrhoids, and poor circulation of air can arise with this sleeping position.