These 5 Summer Trends Really Work In Everyday Life

5 summer trends that also look good in everyday life : Fashion trends are made on the runways, but whether they really work and look good away from models will only become apparent later on the street. Designers are often actually inspired by the street and then interpret these influences in high fashion. But sometimes it takes a few seasons for a lot of the Fashion Weeks to really arrive at us. But some fashion trends are much more tangible than you might think at first glance. That’s why today I’m going to show you five summer trends that you can really wear perfectly in everyday life.

Color trend: cream, camel & beige

If you asked me about my favorite fashion colors, it would definitely be light cream and camel tones. I just love bright colors so much. I don’t just wear them (like most) in summer, but all year round 🙂 For me, these nuances simply stand for a feminine, elegant and adult look. Even romantic dresses look much more mature in a beige tone. It’s a good thing that color is one of THE summer trends of the year. By the way, the tones work particularly well with each other. The combination of beige trousers and cream-colored blouse is always possible, right?

Tea dresses

Speaking of romance: tea dresses are back! As a summer trend, they celebrate a revival in 2019 that works perfectly in everyday life. Combined with a blazer, you could even wear tea dresses in the office. But from the beginning: what are tea dresses anyway? The summer trend comes from the 40s and used to be more like housewife spit dresses. Not any longer longer! The new summer dresses are characterized by a midi length, emphasized shoulder, a tailored fit and often floral fabrics. Sometimes they are buttoned up at the front. Since the dresses seem rather “good”, they fit perfectly into everyday life 🙂

White jeans

The light or white jeans took a few seasons to really establish themselves as a summer trend. Because white denim has long had a bad reputation for making the figure look rather disadvantageous. The legs and hips appear wider than they are due to the light color. Now, however, the trend has reached the masses and with it many brands and stores. This means that the white denim pants now come in countless cuts and shapes and therefore work perfectly in everyday life 🙂


Toes – what? Yes, dear friends, the good old flip-flops are back! With this trend, the street style and the runway actually influenced each other. The Scandinavian label Toteme predicted leather toe sandals as a trend last summer – and more and more Scandinavians have jumped on the shoe trend. Now you can see the sandals everywhere: High quality made of leather and with square shapes or heels. The good old rubber flip flops from the Havaianas brand can also be seen more often on Instagram. I would not wear toe sandals at work now, but they work in everyday life – for example, more elegantly styled from leather and with beautiful summer dresses or loose linen pants. What do you say about the comeback?

Puff sleeves

No matter whether clothes, blouses or shirts: Nothing works without puff sleeves! The summer trend is just so present that you can not do without it. The good thing: You can wear everything with puffy sleeves in everyday life, because the style is not too extravagant and suits everyone. Even if you don’t want to look too feminine or romantic, you can downdress the trend.


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