These Are The Accessories Should Not Be Missing At The Next Beach Party

Whether in a busy shopping street or in the middle of fine-grained sand: the must-haves of the season immediately catch the eye on the way through the city . From maritime shell jewelry to expansive XL hair bands: the following accessories should not be missing at the next beach party.

XL hair band

As for hair, more is really more this summer. As a decorative accessory , an XL hair band not only looks pretty, but also fulfills a practical function: it can skillfully hide Bad Hair Days . Whether with glittering stones, dots or made of cool leather – large hair accessories will prove to be the perfect companion this season. By the way, combinations of metallic hair clips and glitter are particularly popular .

Shell jewelry

There is hardly any other accessory that can immediately put your mind in a holiday mood like maritime shell jewelry. Every year, countless fashionistas wear small and large shells on their skin and hair . Last year it was mostly chokers studded with shells. The coming summer will be more diverse. Then you will find the shell jewelry on earrings , chains and bracelets , as well as on belts and straw hats . For the sake of the environment, you should choose a variant made of metal or glass . This jewelry looks confusingly similar to real shells, but can be worn with a clear conscience.

Waist belt and glitter belt

Belts also help to create a beautiful silhouette in summer . As a fashionable icing on the cake by Wenz , a belt makes the waist look narrower. Hip waist belts also hide minor flaws in the abdomen and hip area. A station wagon that knows how to please everyone else this summer consists of a blazer and belt . The feminine accessory is just as easy to put on over a dress or sweater.

Another piece that takes fashion hearts by storm in summer is called rhinestone belts. Already in the 1990s , the shimmering belt shone with casual jeans . On vacation he lights up the otherwise relaxed beach outfit. The belt looks graceful as soon as it is combined with a white blouse.

Sunglasses and link chains

For some, sunglasses are nothing more than simple protection. The versatile glasses can do much more. This season they act as pretty holders of the XXL link chains . These accessories have now taken off their grandma image as obvious statements . Just like the XL hair bands, they are practical in the dense crowds of the city center, as they support the sunglasses . There is also no risk that the beautiful sun protection will scratch the overfilled handbag . The chunky chains are available in gold , silver and bright colors .

Also pretty link chains dangling as soon as the temperatures rise, from our necks. In this context, opulent gold chains attract special attention. At first glance, these may seem a bit showy, but overall they look very stylish. The simpler the rest of the outfit turns out , the better the link chains come into their own.

Basket and cell phone pockets

Practical shoulder bags that store your own cell phone in a stylish way are on the rise again. In this regard, it is part of the new fashion trend to cross the shoulder bag with the cell phone cover . The modern bags come in a cool leather version or with cords .

Another summer upgrade brings fashionable bags with a woven look . As braided cups, they look particularly stylish combined with airy jumpsuits. But the nostalgic bags can also go well with the classic business look. It is important not to choose delicate fabrics for the rustic bags . Because the rough basket surface can favor pulling threads coming out of the clothes .

Accessories in soothing pastel tones

As a mood-lifting trend, the pastel color has been convincing as an accessory in the interior for years. The pastel , voted “Color of the Year” in the USA in 2016, introduces summer in an airy and light way . As a practical handbag or chain, this shade completes our looks on warm days.


Subtle jewelry on the ankles sets the tone not only for influencers in summer. Whether eye-catching shells or filigree gold chains: the small accessories give the summer look a great playful charm . Many of the new models can also be worn off the beach – even during a casual meeting in the office. Of course, it is important to style the airy chains accordingly . Basically, the anklet should be rather discreet when the shoes are closed . Filigree models, however, don’t appear too pompous even in the office. In general, the art is to create a stylistic unity between chain and shoe . However, sneakers, patent leather shoes or laced Roman sandals generally look misplaced together with anklets.


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