These Are The Biggest Fashion Accessory Trends !

The most important fashion accessory trends : After I showed you the most beautiful parts from the new spring and summer 2019 collection last week , this blog post is followed by a supplementary article on the subject of accessory trends 2019. For me, accessories are the small but fine and most important of all outfits Little helpers when it comes to spice up a look or give it that certain something. This can be done with a nice bag, a pretty scarf or in 2019 with a headband, a bucket hat or …? Yes what actually happen? Here are the most beautiful and important fashion accessory trends:

Accessory trend : bucket hats

Phew, really? Yes! To be honest, I needed something to get used to this accessory trend. In autumn 2018 the hats appeared on the fashion radar for the first time (since the 90s). My first thought? Awful. A few months later, however, I now have to rephrase my first thought and now say: I want to try it. As is so often the case with certain things in fashion, you always need a little bit to get used to the trend. So it was with the Ugly aka Dad aka Chunky sneaker, with culotte pants and somehow it is the same with the fisher hats. On my wish list is a beige, single color model

Accessory trend : sunglasses in candy colors

What makes summer more fun than pastel colors? Just! Therefore, we no longer wear the soft tones 2019 in the form of clothing, but now also on our bridge of the nose. What is striking: the 90s are more intense than ever before. Because the trend sunglasses with colored glasses in yellow, orange, pink, blue and green strongly remind me of my birthday decade and bring a real retro feeling to our summer 2019.

3.Accessory trend : tortoiseshell materials

I wanted to write an article about this trend last year, but then put it off. Fortunately, the material is still very popular. Characteristic of tortoiseshell? The slightly shiny, very noble wood look. In 2019 there are countless tortoiseshell accessories, so there is something for everyone. Tortoiseshell can be seen everywhere as a material of the hour and as an accessory trend, from sunglasses to earrings and bags or bracelets.

4.Accessory trend : hair clips, hoops, clips & co

Even if the Gossip Girl hype was a few years ago, the series shows us once again what a good sense of style the characters actually had there. For 2019, we all cannot avoid one thing: hair accessories such as hair bands, hair clips, hair clips or hair combs. Greetings from Blair Waldorf! The selection is currently huge and you can find pretty much everything on the market from expensive designer models to premium or “normal” prices á la Mango & Co.

5 . Accessory trend : shell jewelry

Do you remember my article on the jewelry trend 2018? If not, not wild either. Because a trend contained in it will continue to accompany us in 2019. We are talking about sweet shell jewelry. Playful earrings, casual bracelets or beautiful chains now bring that summer and holiday feeling into our jewelry box. By the way, the jewelry looks particularly beautiful in gold and too tanned skin.

6 . Accessory Trend : Shield sunglasses

The “Shield sunglasses” trend is not quite as colorful, but at least as cool. The sunglasses with XL lenses and angular, no-frills shape are real eye-catchers and spray an extra portion of coolness with every (!) Wearer. The classic model comes from Céline, but this year many brands are following suit and expanding their range with Shield sunglasses. From expensive to inexpensive and from light to dark colors, everything is included. So you are spoiled for choice

7 . Accessory trend : geometric bags

Triangular, round, oval or boxy: in 2019 our bags will celebrate a wide variety when it comes to shape. The motto? The main thing is extraordinary. The geometric shapes are also paired with exciting natural materials such as bast, bamboo or wood. Those who prefer a more classic look can of course also find a lot of models made of leather or fabric. Here is a small selection of the most beautiful models:

8 . Accessory trend : ribbons & scarves

Scarves are a wonderful addition (or replacement) for headbands & Co. These can be worn around the neck, on the head or as an ornament on the handbag. The main thing should be colorful. For the summer of 2019, scarves with the legendary scarf print are very popular, but models with dots, paisley patterns or animal prints are always possible!


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