These Are The Top 9 Jeans Trends

A long time ago, blue jeans were still considered a symbol of the working class – because until then they were nothing more than work trousers. Thank God that was long forgotten. Today the comfortable blue trousers are part of the fixed repertoire of our wardrobe. Whether in short or long, blue or black, narrow or wide. But what cuts do we focus on this season and next? What washes and what details are becoming a mega trend? This is exactly what I tell you in my little jeans guide with the most important jeans trends for 2018 & 2019. Which jeans shapes and cuts do you personally love the most?

Boyfriend jeans

Also at the forefront this season: the casual boyfriend jeans. Already a megahype in the nineties, it really comes to life again. The cut: loose in the hips and around the thighs, the leg can be any length from ankle to floor. This looks especially cool with sock boots, a thin rib knit wheelchair, cord blazer and fanny pack.

Ultra Cuff

Another trend that we haven’t seen in a while is making it onto our current shopping list: the Ultra Cuff. So the leg fold. Whether super slim and discreet or extra wide and striking. And best of all: this trend is super suitable for small and large women.

High Water Skinnys

Skinnys have their origins in the skating scene and were invented to give the boys more legroom for their stunts. But they no longer have this image. On the contrary. Skinnies are now the darling of all women. This fall, however, they will get an update – because now they are carrying floods. Perfect for medium high boots.

Cropped straight legs

The straight leg jeans are a real classic, and their straight cut makes every leg shape look good. That’s not the only reason why it is currently one of our favorite models. And it stays with us even in autumn. Then cropped, so shortened. This also makes it the perfect companion for boots.

Raw denims

Raw denim is also one of the jeans trends for 2018 and 2019. So those jeans models that have not been treated with washing or other processing techniques. That’s why they sometimes look almost black. Whether as a skinny, a culotte or in combination with an ultra cuff – “raw” denim materials will become an important trend in autumn and winter.

High Waist / Mom Skinnys

Many women love skinny jeans, that’s for sure. Because, as already mentioned, they emphasize the legs and are extremely comfortable. But this fall Skinnys have another plus: they shape the waist. And thanks to the high waist. So this mom version flatters every woman.

Wide Leg / Palazzo Jeans

Now it’s getting airy – underneath. Because the jeans trends for 2018/2019 also include palazzo jeans with super-wide legs and floor length. By the way: this cut is perfect to hide riding pants and curvy thighs. Add a white ruffle blouse and hoops – the look is done .

Colorful denims

Color will also play an important role in the coming season. Because jeans are now also becoming colorful. Whether Bordeaux, lilac, forest green or ros̩ Рthere is a large selection. And the styling options are also varied. Whether classic with a white turtleneck with elegant leather boots and blazers, or monochrome in a similar color style with matching accessories and clothing.

Redone jeans

A trend that may require a little courage is the jeans trends redone or reworked jeans. These can be jeans that have been recycled and reassembled. But also those models that only look like it. Because, as the name suggests, it’s about jeans that give the impression that they have been combined from several different pieces.


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