These Shoes Have An Interchangeable Heel

Shoes in which the heels can be changed in height, shape and color? It’s very easy with the shoes from Mime et moi. We tested them. After a few hours on high heels, we all want a pair of flat shoes. But always lugging around with a change of shoes in your handbag may not be the solution in the long run. The makers of the label “Mime et moi” recognized this problem and developed shoes with interchangeable heels. In other words: You can wear the same shoe as a flat version or with heels of different heights . This means that the shoes can be adapted to any situation and occasion in no time at all.

Mix and match: This is how the interchangeable paragraphs work

Let me tell everyone who is now thinking of annoying and complicated procedures: changing the paragraphs is super quick and easy. As? With a lever system on the shoe. Mime et moi shoes have a hidden lever on the sole. This simply has to be unlocked in order to exchange the heels. You can change the heels in your hand, but also directly on your foot. You can find out exactly how to proceed in the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Pull the lever on the sole firmly back so that the heel detaches from the shoe. Pull off the heel to the rear.

Step 2: Then close the lever again and put on a new paragraph until it clicks into place.

Step 3: Put on your shoes (if you haven’t already). Put your weight on the ball of your foot and then step firmly with your heel so that the heel locks onto the shoe.

Step 4: Repeat the process a second time: put your weight on your toes and step on your heel again. Now the heel should sit firmly on the shoe.

Flat or heel: you can choose between these heels

Mime et moi’s shoes are available as sandals or pumps. You can also choose between different designs and colors. Every pair of shoes that you order comes with a flat heel (3 cm).

In addition, you can choose between six other heel shapes, depending on your needs: Stiletto Mid (7 cm) and Stiletto High (10 cm), Block Mid (7 cm) and Block High (10 cm), Superblock Mid (7 cm) and Superblock High (10 cm). The respective paragraphs cost between 30 and 35 euros. You have to pay between 150 and 180 euros for the shoes themselves. That sounds like a lot at first, of course. But the price is worth it. After all, with the interchangeable heels you can make seven different shoes out of just one shoe. In addition, the label relies on high-quality materials that promise a high level of comfort.

Tested: How stable are the shoes really?

We put the Mime et moi shoes to the test and wanted to know: Do the heels really stick to the shoe?

First of all, we have to admit that changing heels is super easy. We would advise beginners to try out swapping in their hands instead of directly on their feet in order to understand the technology behind it. Also in terms of quality, the shoes make a great impression and feel very good on the foot. And now to the real question: Yes, the heels hold bombproof! At the beginning it is of course preferable to check a second and third time whether the new heel is really firmly attached to the shoe. But even after hours of wearing and walking, the shoes still keep what they promise.

The only drawback: You can see the lever system a little on the sole of the foot. But since you rarely see the shoes from below, this doesn’t really matter. However, it cannot be seen that the paragraph has been postponed.


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