This Is How You Wear The New Trend | Pattern Mix!

The pattern mix trend will be everywhere in 2019! The striking look is not so easy to style. We reveal how you can mix patterns in 2019. Seen in fashion, 2019 will be loud and wild. If you want to be trendy on the go and like extroverted looks, you can go full throttle with the pattern mix . You don’t know if you like wild combinations? Don’t worry: Pattern mixes can do almost anything from loud and crazy to sophisticated and elegant – let yourself be surprised! We reveal how you can wear the trend and combine it for yourself.

Sample mix-state of mind

If you want to mix patterns, you need a bit of courage. We usually find what we know above all beautiful: Since a pattern rarely looks exactly like another in terms of shapes and colors, and a mix of patterns of this individuality often adds to it, the trend at first glance seems above all loud and controversial . To speak with Guido: There is just a lot going on… At second glance, however, a mix of patterns offers the opportunity to create a very unique combination and a very fresh look. A mix of patterns invites you to think not in rigid but in many patterns!

The Basics: This is how pattern mixing works

These guidelines make mixing patterns a little easier. Warning: these are not rules! As for the pattern mix, there are no Dos and Dont’s …

Color worlds

If the different patterns contain a common color, different patterns also harmonize with each other. If you don’t want to get too wild, you can mix only certain colors with one another or use a striking color in otherwise poorly colored patterns (e.g. a yellow handbag with a blouse in a zebra print and a black and white checkered skirt).
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More patterns – less …

Less is more when it comes to the pattern mix: if we go full throttle when mixing patterns, we tend to hold back a bit on accessories (especially jewelry) . This way, even the wildest mixtures can take effect in peace.

Prefer to mix unusual

Of course, it is also fun to combine classic patterns such as checks, polka dots or stripes. But with unusual patterns (such as an all-over kissing mouth or flamingo print) you can give a certain something to a mix of patterns.

Pattern vs. Mix of styles

Of course, anyone who mixes patterns and styles goes full throttle – and that can sometimes be too much. You are on the safe side if you only rely on the mixture of patterns and stay in a style world and do not necessarily throw sporty, elegant and girlish parts together.

Pattern mix: Am I sporty, elegant or girlish?

Anyone can mix a pattern! No matter how you prefer to dress – your style can mix patterns.

Sporty Spice – sporty pattern

There are also sporty clothes with beautiful patterns – luck! Because the athleisure trend will continue in 2019. Try patterned sports leggings or even cycling pants (also a trend in the New Year) with a print hoodie and patterned sneakers!

Elegant patterns casually mixed

The main thing here is the quality of the fabric and the cuts . For example, fine chiffon or silk blouses in leo print look great with palazzo pants with opulent ornaments or skirts with scarf print.

Girls can mix patterns

Here we actually only need one word: flowers! If you like to wear a romantic, girlish style, you should combine different floral patterns – a midi skirt with large flowers goes wonderfully with a blouse with a detailed, small floral print.


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