This Is The Perfect Winter Outfit For Your Figure Type

The best winter outfit for your figure type : When it comes to clothing, the main thing is of course that we feel comfortable and that the look is fun. But second is the positive factor. That means, of course, the look should not overwhelm us, but should give the space to shine and underline the positive properties of our being. This is what styling creates when it emphasizes our advantages and balances out optical inequalities. Because for genetic reasons, humans are always tuned to the optimum.

For example, wide hips are more technologically attractive to men than narrow hips. The same applies to slender legs that imply speed and sportiness. And these characteristics are firmly anchored in us. For each of us, this means that, depending on the type of figure, not everything looks equally good on you.You have to know your type of figure and underline it. How you can do it in winter – that’s what I’ll tell you today with my fashionable winter styling tips.

Your perfect winter outfit: jumpsuit + turtleneck sweater + slouch boots

Everything that creates a waist is perfect for you. My choice for you is therefore a long jumpsuit that is wrapped around the waist so that the focus is on the middle of your body. In addition or below there is a warm turtleneck and cool slouch boots in the 70ies style. Due to the wide-cut legs of the overalls, your rounder middle is balanced and your super slim legs are hidden, which otherwise create too great a contrast to your rounder zones.

Your perfect winter outfit: blazer with shoulder pads + turtleneck sweater + straight leg jeans

In order to focus less on your thighs, it is best to use straight-cut trousers that balance your legs. My favorite: straight leg jeans in mid blue. The shoulders, on the other hand, need a little more volume. You can do that with a blazer that has small shoulder pads. In addition, a tight-fitting wheelchair that highlights your narrow upper body. And you’re already perfectly styled.

Your perfect winter outfit: wrap dress + fur jacket + boots

The wrap dress underlines your beautiful narrow waist and gets even more out of your hourglass figure. Knee-high, relatively tight-fitting boots ensure warm and above all slim feet, while a trendy faux fur jacket warms you up.

Your perfect winter outfit: flared midi skirt + turtleneck + boots

A-lines and plate skirts create a narrow waist and look extremely feminine. Exactly what you need because you don’t have a waist. Combine this with a cozy turtleneck that creates a little more volume on top and also makes the waist look narrower in comparison. Send boots and the look is done.

Your perfect winter outfit: short wrap dress + knee high boots + long coat

You should create your look so that your preferences slide into the center. That means the legs and your cleavage play the main role . Something that also creates your waistline is like winning the lottery. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this short velvet dress with a wrap detail. Plus a pair of boots that go down to the knee and a long coat. Both stretches you optically and makes your middle appear slimmer.


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