This Way You Keep A Cool Head At Work Despite The Heat

At 30 degrees plus at the latest, we would all like to go to the office in our beach outfits . The work is already hard enough when the sun is shining outside – high-necked clothing quickly creates a double mood . Unfortunately, a dress code applies in some offices: We have a few simple tips on how to keep to dress codes even in summer.

The no-go in the office – even in summer: spaghetti straps

The thermometer shows over 20 degrees in the morning and a look out of the window confirms: pure sun. How we would like to put on our light and airy summer dress , which also serves us well on the beach. But what does the boss say about the spaghetti straps? Nothing at all! If the shoulders and arms are still covered slightly! This summer it is even very trendy to wear T-shirts (preferably plain white with a round neck) under dresses and tops with spaghetti straps. The station wagon is not only hip, it also conjures up at least half of our summer clothing suitable for the office .

Another accomplice who makes even a colorful flower dress look serious is the business specialist Blazer . In the summer heat, we can especially feel comfortable in thin linen blazers without lining. Pssst: If we just put the blazer over our shoulders and don’t put our arms in our sleeves, our shoulders and upper arms are covered, but we don’t really have the blazer on. It looks more stylish and is airier than a dressed blazer . A good alternative to the blazer are also airy kimonos , which also have trend potential this summer . The wide-cut models made of silk or viscose in particular feel like a breath of air on the skin.

The business look and the theme with the hem length

It is clear that we should not jump into the office in mini skirts: But from what length is a hem considered to be suitable for the office? This question is probably answered differently in every office. In any case, the knees offer a good point of orientation. Skirts and dresses that cover the knees or at least end directly above them should be safe to wear in the office. With midi skirts or dressesin midi length women can not go wrong and is fashionably up to date. In maxi dresses and skirts the legs are not even visible at all and nevertheless we get an airy and free feeling through them. Casual overalls and jumpsuits also have the same effect: They are available in many light and airy versions made of viscose, lyocell and tencel, which at the same time appear elegant and casual and can therefore be classified as completely suitable for business.

Even in summer: office outfits and cleavages are rarely compatible

Deep necklines and off-shoulder looks are also popular in summer 2018, but unfortunately not in offices with strict dress codes. The panacea at hot temperatures here are blouses in all colors and shapes . They are not only representatives of seriousness, but also of pure summer feeling. The only important thing at high temperatures is that they are cut rather broadly and consist of natural fibers – a great avoidance should be made of polyester and the like, especially in summer. How about a white blouse shirt copying male business outfits? Or with a summer wrap blouse striped in blue or red?

The 2018 trend pieces in the blouse segment also include asymmetrical cuts, ruffles or frills and voluminous statement sleeves – they not only fit in the summer, but also in the office! Not only for the business look, but also for the sake of the hot temperatures, we can combine the fancy blouses with wide white Marlene pants or culottes, for example.

Flip-flops in the office: The number one enemy of the state

We love flip flops on vacation and on the beach! Sure, because right after barefoot they are the best alternative in high summer temperatures. Admittedly, the slippers with the characteristic noise when walking are not really chic, and absolute airiness and comfort will hardly count as arguments in the office either. So what do we go to work with when the flip-flops have to be removed from the clothing list at 30 degrees in the shade?

In most offices, fancier sandals are likely to be accepted in hot temperatures. If not, slingbacks are a perfect alternative . The tapered models with kitten heels are particularly trendy at the front. This fits us perfectly in the stuff, because the small heel makes it elegant without being uncomfortable, while the almost open heel allows our feet enough air.

Another airy option – and not so unlike the beloved flip-flops – are mules (also known as mules): whether flat or with a heel, the mules are stylish, versatile and yet suitable for the office , especially in the closed versions at the front. Your open heel gives us an airy flip-flop feeling, without having to do without our serious appearance .


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