Time For Shorts! 5 Trends We Wear In Year

What was hinted at last year with the comeback of bermudas and capris will be sealed in summer 2020 at the latest: tight jeans hot pants are a thing of the past, wide shorts, which may also be a little longer, are now the order of the day. The problem of involuntary deep insights is finally history! What models are we wearing now and how are they styled? We knows!

Pleated shorts

While tops are allowed to be form-fitting and feminine this summer, the opposite is true for pants. Rather, shorts are characterized by androgynous cuts with a wide fit and a few centimeters extra length on the thighs – just like the trendy pleated shorts.┬áThe pleated shorts score with their voluminous fit and conjure up slim legs. With their XXL platform sandals, fashion professional Xenia Adonts knows how to enhance the effect!

The eponymous folds give the shorts an elegant touch and ensure that everything fits well on the waistband and the shorts run out downwards. A nice side effect: The waist is emphasized by the high and narrow waistband, problem areas on the belly are concealed by the folds. It is only important that the pants are not too tight on the belly, otherwise the folds will be pulled out wide and will therefore be anything but advantageous.

Leather shorts

Otherwise we only wrapped ourselves in leather pants and shirts – fake of course – in winter and preferred to restrict ourselves to leather in the shape of a jacket on warmer days, synthetic leather is now also conquering the rest of our summer wardrobe. Shorts with a leather look are currently very popular. And not just in the classic, black version, pastel shades or colors such as khaki or beige are particularly popular . But: Please do not use the narrow, short variant – it quickly works too much – rather stay with the wide, longer variant.

Belted shorts

Finally, the belt loops are also used for shorts! We know paperbag pants from the previous year, now the trend pants also accompany us through the summer – but in their short form. Paperbag shorts are a flattering figure. Thanks to the belt and gathered waistband, they direct your gaze to the center of your body. The wide cut and the (mostly) relatively long leg area stylishly hide one or two problem areas on the abdomen and thighs.
We prefer to wear the paper-inspired shorts in light linen – or cotton versions. The summery fabrics not only ensure airy comfort, they also look pretty elegant and are also ideal for everyday office use.

Long shorts in a suit style

The same applies to these shorts models: Bermudas celebrated their comeback last summer and are still stubbornly on our fashion trend radar. This year the sporty trousers are a bit more elegant. They are mainly worn with a blazer and preferably in the matching pattern and material as the jacket. So the two-piece suit is suitable for summer!

Pleated shorts

Isn’t the whole boy shorts trend feminine enough for you? Then pleated shorts are the perfect compromise for you. Just like pleated skirts, the trousers version comes with chemically laid mini pleats and thanks to the concertina effect, one thing above all: a lot of width – so much that the shorts could almost be worn as a trousers skirt.

But even if the fit is wide and airy, the shorts look playful due to the small folds. Shiny fabrics such as satin support the effect as well as floral patterns. The combination of lightweight fabric and a wide fit also harbors dangers: Any unfavorable breeze could unintentionally bare your underwear. So it is better to wear a longer blazer or kimono over the shorts so that there are no deep insights.


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