Wash Your Jeans Properly: You Have To Know These 8 Tricks!

If there’s one part of my closet that I could never do without, it’s definitely the jeans. Because let’s face it: it goes with everything and is just super comfortable. But there is a catch to the ‘blue wonder’ – washing jeans is not that easy.¬†After the wash cycle, the jeans are so tight that it is difficult to squeeze in and after a short time they become so wide that they slack on the legs. It also slowly loses its color. Are you looking for tips on how to properly care for denim and clean it easily? Here are 9 amazing tricks that make washing jeans easier!

1. Wash jeans: how often?

No, this is not a joke. This tip comes from the Jeans Pope and Levi’s Chef Chip Bergh himself. He asks: ‘Guys, stop washing your jeans.’ Because even the most expensive jeans lose their shape and color through washing. Another amazing tip: If the jeans are stain-free after wearing but slowly start to smell, put them in the freezer instead of in the washing machine overnight. The cold kills the bacteria that are responsible for the bad smells. After the shock freezing, the jeans smell wonderfully fresh again.

2. Steam jeans every now and then instead of washing them directly

Jeans are also good for us: just hang them up in the bathroom near the shower. The steam that fills the bathroom when showering removes bad smells in the jeans.

3. Remove small stains on the jeans with a toothbrush

A sauce stain on the jeans, no problem! Instead of washing all the jeans, just rub the stain gently with a little dishwashing liquid and a toothbrush. The Levi’s boss does the same. According to him, he has had his favorite jeans for over a year !!! not washed. Sounds a bit gross, doesn’t it?

4. For bright colors: wash jeans with vinegar

‘Raw denim’ – that is untreated, dark blue jeans – should not be washed for as long as possible, otherwise they will literally bleed out. The rich indigo blue becomes a dull middle blue. Before you wash your jeans, soak them in a 50-50 mixture of vinegar ( available here at Amazon ) and water for 30 minutes . The dye is fixed by the vinegar.

5. Turn jeans inside out before washing

The red wine has poured over the jeans or the Nutella bread has landed on the pants? In such hardship, the only thing left is to go to the washing machine. Important: before washing, turn the jeans inside out so that they lose less color. The wash cycle should be as gentle and the temperature as low as possible, and you should also use a wool detergent. And: skidding is taboo!

6. Get the jeans back into shape after washing

In the shop, the jeans still conjured up the perfect knackpo and now the fabric is slobbering? 20 minutes in a dryer at low temperature can work wonders. The warmth brings jeans with stretch content back into shape.

7. Iron jeans after washing

Ironing can also ensure that the jeans do not wear out too much. Iron it gently with steam over the still wet jeans. Careful with rivets and zippers: they can get very hot. So rather iron around it.

8. Use baby oil to soften jeans

Before the jeans become cozy when worn, many models are rigid and uncomfortable. A trick to make them cuddle faster: Before putting them on, rub the legs with baby oil ( available here at Amazon ). Due to the friction, the oil gradually penetrates the jeans fibers and makes them softer. Great side effect: it gets a noble shine.


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