Why You Should Never Wear White Under White

Asymmetrical or shoulder-free tops, skin-tight skirts or tops made of transparent lace or skinny pants demand suitable lingerie that either remain discreetly hidden or come out sexy. But which underwear is suitable for which look and could it be left out entirely? We provides answers.

The best bra under a white shirt

If a woman doesn’t want her bra to shine under her white shirt, then don’t put it on a white bra! The trick: nude or red underwear! The white color of the shirt neutralizes red pigments. Of course, the whole thing also works with white blouses and bottoms. T-shirt bras with seamless processing and non-padded underwired bras made of silk blends that lie flat on the skin also do not wear under tight tops.

What fits under strapless tops or spaghetti strap tops?

Stay away from bras with transparent latex straps! Although this is supposed to suggest nudity, it only draws attention: the plastic straps are clearly visible when you sweat. Strapless bras are better – thanks to a wider underbust band and a latex layer on the inside, they don’t slip, even with a large bust. If you have a small breast, you can also wear bandeau bras without pads.

What do you wear under tight clothing?

A string thong seems to be the logical solution for tight pants and skirts. But beware! The lower the waistband, the more likely it is that the string will appear. The combination of ‘hipsters plus pulled-up micro panties’ is, however, a relic from the 2000s, and it should stay that way. The significantly more elegant variant are lasercut hipsters at waist level or low Brazilians who sit extra deep and hidden. The panties are made of polyamide or a similar elastic material and literally cut with the laser, which advantageously makes seams disappear. So what remains private remains private.

What underwear goes with white pants?

White to white? The idea is obvious, but it is fatal, because a blossom-white slip shines like a spotlight under the white fabric. Sounds unsexy, but is the safe option: a skin-colored, champagne-white or cream-colored panties. Also taboo because translucent: animal prints or floral patterns!

What comes under a figure-hugging dress?

Never cotton! Cotton briefs are comfortable, but owing to the thicker seams they are ugly under clothing. Lace lingerie is also ruled out for the same reason. On the other hand, perfect is shapewear, such as spandex underwear, which forms a beautiful silhouette and emphasizes curves at the same time. Figure-shaping bodysuits solve three problems at once: they conjure up 1. a firm bottom, 2. a narrow waist and 3. a flat stomach.

The right wash under transparent parts

The less you pull over it, the more it includes: In the case of transparent fabrics or crocheted dresses, more is actually more. Wear plain and monochrome parts, a nice contrast to the deep insights offer waist-high panties. Very important: the laundry should be flawless, worn cuffs or ugly patterns should be retired. If you want to dress UNDER THE lace part incognito, the safest way to do this is with skin-colored laundry, e.g. B. with a top with narrow straps and matching panties.

What fits under an XXL neckline?

If you do not wear a bra here, you should not forget to tape: Special stickers prevent unwanted shining through and pressing of the nipples. On the other hand, if you can’t or don’t want to do without laundry, you should use deep plunge bras. Thanks to the low bridge, they fit perfectly with deep V-shaped cutouts. If you feel like it, you can also play with the deliberate flashing out of the laundry – but please be stylish! Choose a simple black lace bra and let a maximum of a touch of lace flash out.

What do you wear with the deep back neckline?

Bra straps with a backless top or dress usually look unsuitable and disturb the overall look of the outfit. If you want to show a décolleté on the back, there are unfortunately only two options: simply leave out the bra for small breasts. Everyone else has to do without the back delight or use adhesive pads that support the breast from below.

Courage to leave out

Finally, it is easiest for all women who feel comfortable even without a supportive bra. This is pleasantly airy, especially on warm days, and the advantage is obvious: Without underwear, nothing will shine through. The general premise for this look should be that you are dressed for the occasion and don’t feel too unprotected – in the truest sense of the word.


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