With Shirts And Blouses In May

This season we can hardly get enough of our favorites. We are talking about the combination talents shirts and blouses. Every year the designers offer us the latest trends and variations, from which completely new looks can be created. In contrast to other items of clothing, blouses and shirts can be combined with all sorts of parts. Whether skirt or jeans, sneakers or high heels, bag or backpack, it doesn’t matter. What we choose then depends on our taste or the occasion.

The trend colors of the season

In order to be fully in line with the trend, I will first introduce you to my four favorite colors of the current season. Welcomes the bright colors coral, classic blue, scarlet red or chive green . For this I have selected four wonderful article examples that form a great foundation stone for your May outfit. Looks in denim, orange, grape compote purple, saffron and sunlight are also popular this year.

Sometimes the world is black or white

It’s not the color, it’s the detail that matters! In this case the embroidered pattern on the two shoulder parts of the black shirt. In addition, there is the teardrop-shaped neckline on the cleavage. And as if the shirt weren’t eye-catcher enough, it also enchants with light trumpet sleeves. The white blouse to the right is simpler. But the valance detail makes an impression and fits perfectly with the combined skirt. But whether we choose the black or the white look, a good mood is guaranteed.

Loops of blouses decorate the world

Once again this year, the designers of loops and flounces cannot get enough. The small or large bow in combination with a floral printed skirt results in a wonderfully playful outfit and thus fits perfectly in May. If you wear tight plain-colored trousers with a Schluppe blouse, the look becomes more serious and can be worn perfectly at work. With a quick change of the lower part, the business look is quickly transformed into a stylish after-work outfit.

Points everywhere

Of course, the long-running hit “Polka Dots” again prevailed in the fashion world in 2020. I myself love my own dotted tops, dresses and bikinis. That is why I firmly believe that I have far too few of them! Because again this year you are absolutely in trend with points and dots. As a result, blouses and shirts look even more stylish and once again escape the cliché of being strict and monotonous.

Transparency in our closet

Sometimes it is still windy and fresh in Germany in May, then you start to sweat from the first rays of sun. Transparent or partially transparent tops are ideal for this. In the heat, a light breeze penetrates through the clothing, and when it cools, the skin is not completely free. Especially this month, the trendy blouses and shirts with transparent details are not only incredibly beautiful, but also absolutely practical. Here are two wonderful examples for you. On the left, the sleeves are completely transparent and have stylish embroidery. On the right, the transparent parts of the sleeves look like stripes and decorate the airy trumpet sleeve.

A piece of clothing for every occasion

Blouses only belong in the office and shirts are designed for a cozy day at home? Hardly … The different styles, which could not be more different, are suitable for all kinds of everyday situations and spice up our outfits! I can hardly wait to combine completely different looks from my favorite pieces in the wardrobe and the novelties of this season.


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