Your Personality – Your Style – Your Accessories!

You know exactly what suits you. You have found your personal, unmistakable style and consistently draw your line. Whether street wear, casual look or business outfit, what you wear is always perfectly tailored to you. Only when it comes to accessories are you sometimes undecided. No problem, you don’t need a huge selection. There are also lots of suggestions and solutions for the lovely little things that optimize your style!

Playing with the accessories

bag, belt, scarf, jewelry, sunglasses … your options are many. But let’s start with the most important part, the bag. If you are an absolute pocket freak, you can Tchoose ash and shoes that match each other in color and style . However, this requires a large shoe cabinet and plenty of storage space for your bags – not to mention the budget, because with shoes and bags you shouldn’t skimp on quality and design. Too precise coordination can also quickly appear unimaginative and boring – sometimes small style breaks are just right to bring excitement to your appearance!

You can do well with a basic set of bags in your favorite colors. In any case, it makes sense to have a practical shopper, alternatively a spacious shoulder bag or a stylish backpack. Real leather has proven itself in use and, with a little patina, looks even more authentic. Light linen models are ideal for summer. Velvet is an excellent material for trendy bags. The medium-sized handbag, either worn with a shoulder strap or ladylike on the wrist, is the ideal addition to a more official outfit. It fits the office look and when casual meetings with friends. To go out, the clutch is and remains the number one pocket model.

Belts, scarves and scarves are the accessories with which you can change your outfit the fastest. It is really worth having a larger assortment at home here. With little effort you can transform simple, factual clothes into fine pieces if you combine it with a special belt or an extravagant scarf!

Jewelry, glasses and sunglasses are other essential details that play a role in the overall impression. Earrings and necklaces, like glasses or sunglasses, are very close to the face. The main thing here is that the jewelry and glasses match your face shape and hair color . So your personal style is more important than fashion aspects.

Even more chic accessories – for example the cell phone case!

Often it is only small details and details that attract a lot of attention. Imagine a boring cell phone case – certainly not a serious styling error, but there is a better way: Have you ever thought about customizing your phone case so that the design fits your style exactly? If you want to design your phone case yourself, you can find great providers online such as Swookwhere you can choose your favorite case to match your cell phone. You can upload your own photo or a motif of your choice using an upload function. You can also add text and shapes. The cell phone case is not only a perfect protection, but an expression of your personal style. If you value individual accessories in a distinctive design, you can design the phone case yourself and make it a special eye-catcher!


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