5 Ideas For Beautiful Styling Combinations

5 ideas for beautiful styling combinations for autumn : When the cooler season arrives, you can see really great styling combinations for autumn. More layers mean more options Because I love trying out new styles and being creative with fashion, I present to you my favorite styling combinations for autumn .

V-neck knit sweater over shirt

If you have a few basics and timeless classics, you can always wear them together again. For example, a slightly longer cut shirt and a knitted sweater . Most of you already have both in your closet.  One of my favorite styling combinations for autumn is to wear both over each other. While you usually put all tops or blouses IN your pants, this style allows you to peek out the top under the sweater. The layering look goes best with slim-fitting trousers or oversize with a midi skirt.

Capes & dresses

Dresses don’t just belong in summer, but also in autumn! Even flower dresses can be styled for autumn. However, dresses in autumn colors such as burgundy, khaki and brown are particularly beautiful. Since capes and ponchos are one of the most important fashion trends 2019/20, these two pieces can be perfectly combined! Favorite look for autumn: when dress and poncho are about the same length. With ankle boots the figure is stretched and the legs suddenly look ultra long.

Checks & Stripes

Autumn always creates new and old trend patterns, such as checks from Glencheck to tartan. Stripes are also a timeless trend. But how do you combine patterns in autumn? A nice styling combination for autumn is to mix checks with stripes . What sounds like a lot at first is very harmonious. Especially if both are chosen in one color scheme. For example, you can combine a classic pinstripe shirt in oversize (maybe from a friend?with checked pants or a checked coat. Looks stylish immediately!

Blazer over turtleneck

In autumn, the blazer can be converted into a jacket. Combined with blazers and classic, shortened straight jeans, I love wearing a slim-cut turtleneck. One of the best office looks in the fall! For the autumn and winter collection by BANÚ, I was inspired by this timelessly beautiful autumn look and created THE perfectly cut, super soft turtleneck. It is best to follow our Banú Instagram account , as you will find out immediately when the collection is available onlineBy the way, the shoes are also not to be underestimated with this styling combination for autumn. With sneakers it becomes a comfortable everyday look, with high shoes or ankle boots the outfit looks more elegant.

Midi dress with knee high boots

You must already have one of these two pieces in the closet, probably a midi dress. Because knee boots, i.e. boots with a little heel that reach just below the knee, have been an indispensable shoe trend this season. As a slouchy leather boots with a midi dress, this is the perfect autumn look. Especially for those who don’t like tights or don’t want to show them. Because the transition from dress to boots is fluid.


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