Personal Summer Essentials – From Beauty To Interior

My personal essentials for summer 2019 : Is summer your favorite time of year? Waking up in the morning when the sun is shining, eating ice cream and nice summer evenings always make me feel super good and always provide so much energy. Luckily, I have enjoyed warm temperatures more often this year, but now I am looking forward to the summer in Munich!

We have had a first taste here in the last few days, which is why it is time for my annual blog post with many great summer essentials . Things that shouldn’t be missing from me this summer – including (beauty) classics that I swear by every year, as well as new, personal favorites and summer essentials. What are your all-time favorites in summer?


Unfortunately I don’t have a green thumb, but I still don’t want to miss our balcony. Having breakfast outside and having the balcony door open all day is just summer and pure quality of life for me! Since we have just made some new purchases for our apartment (and our office), a beautiful interior on balconies is definitely one of my summer essentials!

Thermal spray

In thermal spray I came several years ago and one can tell you: The cool, refreshing spray is the best thing there is! As a summer essential, thermal spray in a practical mini format is always in my handbag. On the one hand, the water mist cools and refreshes and on the other hand the complexion looks super fine and fresh from the shower. Who wears makeup – no problem: Here the thermal spray behaves like a fixing spray

Straw bags & baskets

One of my favorite fashion trends in 2019: bags and baskets made of bast, straw or in the look of a picnic basket. No bag brings more summer feeling in the closet than this one. I now have a few models in my possession and I still love to vary them. My tip: in addition to the clap handbags and shoulder bags, bast backpacks are also great. For example, I have this one and I love it.

Shell jewelry

And another summer essential that I’m guaranteed to use more often this summer: shell jewelry! The maritime motifs were already a hit last year, this year their existence and extension. Bracelets and footbands, chains and earrings with shells are particularly cute. You can find even more jewelry trends 2019 here.


To be honest, when I’m in the sun, I always turn brown pretty quickly and rarely red. Nevertheless, a sunscreen is one of my daily essentials in summer! I have to admit that I didn’t pay much attention to protecting my skin before. In the meantime, however, I attach great importance to this because the skin is extremely damaged by the sun and can no longer be repaired. Light textures that don’t stick and feel natural on the skin are particularly important to me with a sunscreen. You can find my detailed sun protection guide from last year here – it is still up to date and very important.

Swimsuits & bikinis

What would a summer be without a new bikini or swimsuit? Right, winter;) So come on with the beautiful new models for this season. These are my current favorites from the online shops.


As you may know, I love shoes (and bags)! 😉 My absolute summer essentials are flat sandals or slippers with fine straps or extravagant details. Why? They are comfortable, you can slip in quickly and easily and they go just as well with summer dress as with shorts or a skirt.


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