The Most Beautiful Flower Dresses For Summer

Love for flower dresses: my favorite models : Flower dresses can actually be considered classics! There is no summer without flower dresses and that’s a good thing, After all, no dress stands for summer, romance and style as much as the one with floral prints. That is exactly why I love the garment so much, because you put it on and look stylish straight away. That’s why I picked out the most beautiful flower dresses for summer in this blog post.

Which flower dresses are trendy right now?

As already indicated, flower dresses are not an entertaining fashion trend, but come back EVERY summer. Therefore, it is worth investing in your perfect floral dress, which you can look forward to year after year Having a piece in your closet that you can always rely on is worth its weight in gold.

In addition to classic floral dresses in summery colors and striking motifs, there are trends every season, because designers always come up with something new for the floral dress. The scattered flower print is particularly noticeable this year . So little flowers that at first glance do not really stand out as such. The scattered flowers on summer clothes stand above all for a rural farmgirl look from times gone by. These include, for example, leather sandals and especially baskets and bags made of straw or bast, as well as a cloth in your hair or a straw hat.

Large, magnificent flowers on dresses such as roses or hydrangeas are also a trend . Dresses with this motif look very extravagant and special and are therefore a good choice for festive occasions such as a wedding. Dresses with large flowers bring a certain elegance with them, which makes them so striking and festive. The floral dresses look all the more chic with sandals, with sandals or even sneakers you can also wear this model in everyday life.

Flower girls: styling for floral dress in summer

Flower dresses are available in all variants: maxi, midi, mini. The dresses are often decorated with ruffles, lace or ruffles, because they represent a feminine style like no other piece. Maybe that’s why I love flower dresses so much. They are also suitable for every occasion, be it in the office, in everyday life, on the beach or for weddings and other festive occasions.

Since the floral dress usually looks very cute and romantic by itself, I like to bet on a break in style. For example in combination with cool sandals or slippers . Accessories also play a role in the styling of floral dresses: while a straw basket underlines the feminine country girl look , a crossbody bag made of leather or with chain hardware looks more elegant.

And what about jewelry? I’m a big fan of jewelry layering (you can find a guide here) , i.e. the combination of several chains and rings in different styles. This gives the floral dresses even more individuality and the complete look looks even more stylish. Just make sure that the whole thing doesn’t get too much, otherwise you will quickly look like a loaded Christmas tree;) Large earrings, on the other hand, always match the floral dress!


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