Your Legs Will Look Longer

Long legs are attractive. A study confirms: Regardless of whether it is a city plant or a villager, from Germany, Australia or the Sahara, the majority of those questioned stated that they preferred long legs. But why actually? Very simple: Long legs ensured survival in prehistoric times. Because those who had longer limbs could flee faster and walk longer. For this very reason, long legs are still a sign of health and attractiveness. But what to do if Mother Nature has not blessed us with endless legs like Claudia Schiffer? Don’t worry dear ladies: We not only have short sizes on offer, but also all sorts of tips and tricks. Watch out, summer is long legged!

Short tips for long legs

Long pants make long legs – it is that simple. Small women with short legs should therefore generally stay away from ⅞ pants . Rolling up trousers, as is currently the case, is also not recommended. Because: The more often you optically interrupt your leg, the shorter it looks. Marlene pants, bell bottoms or straight-cut models that fall on or over the shoe, on the other hand, are perfect for lengthening your leg. Long is the key!

Basically, the longer the distance from the waistband to the hem, the better. So choose high-cut pants that will make your legs look a little longer. Short and good? That works too. Short pants that end above or on your knee also make your leg look long. This also applies to short and medium length skirts . Not only cuts but also colors can help your legs look longer. Choose a top that matches the color of the bottom. The gentle color transition means that it doesn’t immediately catch the eye where your leg ends and your torso begins.

The same applies to your shoe selection. Professionals choose the shoe in the same or a similar color as that of the trousers or skirt. Visually, the two then merge. The ultimate tip for longer legs: shoes with heels. Not only do these effectively make you taller, they also stretch your leg. Pointed shoes are perfect for this. So you get a few centimeters out – especially if it should be a pair of ⅞ pants or a longer skirt.

Shining towards the sun

But gray is all theory – we prefer to start the summer in a colorful way! We were particularly impressed by one color because it competes with the sun: white, white and again white! A few good basics in the trendy color will therefore more than pay for themselves in your wardrobe – especially if they conjure up a great figure at the same time. Comfortable trousers from Paola are often available in short sizes and a real all-rounder. It can be combined both sporty and elegant. For a relaxed stroll through the city, we recommend a summery shirt in yellow and white. Combine this with a pair of comfortable sandals with wedge heel. Oops, there they are: legs to the point.

Jeans with floral ornaments

Another summer trend this year is embroidered jeans : embroidery must be easy! The slim cut is perfect for small women. Visually, you simply cheat a few centimeters of leg by using pointed shoes – preferably with a heel. We recommend a light, single-color blouse with jeans . A bright red reminds of fruity strawberries .

Sophisticated city look

Now it’s getting exciting again! With fine slip-on pants you are an eye-catcher everywhere. And because it is all about padding and not spilling anyway, it also means here of course: Bring your high shoes! Top Pumps are made for this sophisticated look. Long legs? Oh yeah! Who is Claudia Schiffer?


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